On Saturday, the IDF's Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi, and Shabak (ISA) chief Ronen Bar entered Khan Yunis together with the Commanding Officer of the Southern Command and forces of the 98th Division, and conducted a situational assessment in the area.

"You are working very hard here on two missions - dismantling the Khan Yunis Brigade, destroying its infrastructure, killing its operatives, and very strong pressure to release the hostages," Halevi said. "These are two very, very important things, and when you explain it to people, that the two go together, they will understand it, they will work better."

"You see, we haven’t yet finished the fighting in Khan Yunis, we are far from completing it, and we summarize it so far as a great success. Over 1,200 terrorists killed in direct combat in ground operations is a lot from four battalions. Another 1,200-1,300 terrorists in aerial strikes is a massive number.

"The Khan Yunis Brigade is losing its capabilities, which is very, very important. Many commanders were killed, and we want to eliminate more and also more senior commanders, and it goes back to these maneuvers and stratagems.

"The computers we have seized, the hostages that have returned, are reviewed by the ISA and the Intelligence Directorate, in excellent cooperation, and undergo checks, and we return with new intelligence and intensify our achievements."