The Beitar Jerusalem soccer club hosted fans who had been wounded in action in Gaza for their game Saturday evening against Maccabi Haifa.

The club hosted a ceremony before the game that included a video presentation by one of the guests about his ordeal. “The video spread awesome optimism among those in the stadium, as well as fans watching at home,” the organizers stated.

“They lost dear friends, and the best of our children, who died defending our beloved homeland,” the club stated. “We all embrace them, and heard of their bravery. They clarified to us the meaning of camaraderie. They are valuable people for whom the only thing that matters is that Israel continue to win. We give everything for the goal that we are all striving for. We are all together with them for anything they need. One nation, united in the hope for victory and the hopes that all of our children will be returned home safely."

“We wanted to thank them and their comrades. The club will continue to accompany them throughout the recovery process, and for anything that they should happen to want. We wish them a complete recovery, as well as all those wounded in action. We love you all,” the club added.

The match was won by Maccabi Haifa by a score of 2-0.