Hamas forces on Israeli border
Hamas forces on Israeli borderAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Following an ISA investigation, the State Prosecutor has filed an indictment against Juama Abu Ganima, 26, from El-A'sam e-Nabari, for assisting an enemy in wartime and joining a terrorist organization. He is accused of crossing the fence into Gaza, joining Hamas, and taking part in their training exercises in 2016.

Last December, he was arrested by the IDF while attempting to cross from Gaza back into Israel. His arrest was classified until Friday morning.

Upon his arrest, he was transferred to the ISA. The indictment against him states that in 2016, he crossed into the Gaza Strip, met Hamas operatives, and told them that he was interested in joining their military arm to become a martyr.

The Hamas operatives took him for questioning, during which he gave them the details of the location of IDF bases in southern Israel. After approximately three months during which he stayed in the houses of Hamas operatives, he joined their basic military exercises.

He was later sent to advanced training with the Nukhba force, including practicing attacking a city and conquering a military outpost.

During his time in Gaza, he carried out surveillance on Israeli territory and met with Hamas operatives intending to assist them and their war against Israel. Additionally, he agreed to various proposals to carry out terrorist attacks, including firing at Israeli territory and soldiers, enlisting in the IDF to transfer information to Hamas, and recruiting other operatives. He also agreed to join an organized crime group in Israel with the hopes of carrying out terrorist actions from within it.

In 2021, he was imprisoned by Hamas for breaching the restrictions imposed on him. Due to IDF bombing near the prison in which he was being held, he and all other prisoners were released on December 7th. After 3 days in Gaza, he attempted to return to Israel and was arrested by Israeli forces.

He is accused of conspiring to assist an enemy at war with Israel, assisting an enemy in a time of war, giving information to an enemy with intention to harm the security of the state, joining a terrorist organization, training for terrorist purposes, armed activity for terrorist purposes, and illegally leaving the country.