Argentinian Pres. Javier Milei signs agreement with Israel Latin America Network (ILAN)
Argentinian Pres. Javier Milei signs agreement with Israel Latin America Network (ILAN)Office of the President of Argentina

On Thursday night, during a visit to Israel, Argentina President Javier Milei signed a groundbreaking agreement for the development of new, advanced software and technologies with ILAN, the organization that works to strengthen the ties between Latin America and Israel.

According to the agreement, ILAN and Argentina will be deepening ties as they promote innovative technology from Israel in the South American country whose population numbers more than 42 million.

The agreement and charter were signed by the Argentinian President Javier Milei; the President’s sister and General Secretary of the Presidency, Karina Milei; the designated Argentinian Ambassador to Israel, Rabbi Shimon Axal Wahnish; and the president and founder of the ILAN organization, Isaac Assa.

Isaac Assa, president and founder of ILAN, who accompanied President Milei on his visit to Israel, delivered an emotional address, saying that South American countries would like to strengthen ties with Israel, especially following the election of the new Argentinian president, who is considered to be a true friend of Israel, and that the benefits of the agreement between ILAN and Argentina will promote growth in Argentina and enhance the economy.

President Milei thanked Assa, saying that the visit to Israel was his first state visit following his election to the Argentinian presidency a few weeks ago: “I view the signing of the agreement with ILAN as a major opportunity to collaborate in advancing the economy in Argentina and to forge connections between the countries and their people.”

The ILAN organization is a large, leading organization in South and Central America, that works to reinforce ties between Israel and the countries of South and Central America, as well as with the large Hispanic population in the USA.

Last year, Assa unveiled a mural measuring a length of dozens of meters, that was put on display at Ben Gurion Airport. Its paintings narrate the history of the Jewish People. Assa also presented a special model of the mural to President Milei this week, during his visit to Israel.