Rabbi S.Y. Levy, a reserve soldier from the Meiri Hesder Yeshiva and a graduate of the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva, published a video detailing what he has learned after serving for four months in the Gaza Strip.

"We are now finishing four months of fighting in the reserves in the Gaza Strip. I was naive, I was sure that what the Gazans wanted was an airport, free passage, and food, and I discovered something completely different. I want to share with you the materials I found in the Gaza Strip," said Rabbi Levy.

"In the electricity bill in front of us, we see a map of the State of Israel, without the Golan Heights, and inside it is written: Together we will build our country, not better conditions, but to conquer the entire country. Here is a school geography book, the climate of the entire country, without the framing of the Gaza Strip and of course without the Golan Heights so as not to annoy the Syrians, everything belongs to them."

Rabbi Levy presented a certificate that a child received at the end of the 9th grade when an image of the State of Israel replaced with 'Palestine' can be seen. "It doesn't say Israel, but Palestine. In the book there is an article about the rewriting of history, it says that archaeological findings from the Roman, Canaanite, Byzantine and Islamic periods were found, it doesn't say that Jewish archaeological findings were found."

"Another flip through the book talks about the old city of Jerusalem where it is written that the city was built 5 thousand years ago by the Arab Canaanites, there is no such nation, it is an attempt to say that we were here before you and associate themselves with the Canaanites, while the Canaanites are a people who practiced idolatry and there is no connection between them and the Arabs of Gaza," he added.

Finally, he looked at the chapter in the history book that deals with the Intifada. "Perhaps the scariest thing is in the history book. One of the chapters talks about the Intifada and the message here is that the road to Palestine is short, not long, it goes through the Intifada and war. The spirit and desire of Hamas is to conquer the State of Israel and throw is us into the sea, they will not stop. We need to understand who we are dealing with and strengthen our determination against that, strengthen our sense of belonging in the country and our heroism, and understand who we are fighting against. Their desire is not better conditions but to conquer the country."

הרב ש"י לוי בתובנות משהות ממושכת בעזהבאדיבות המצלם