Eli (Doug) Staiman, the lead singer of "The Groggers," the Jewish pop-punk band behind several songs in the early 2010's such as "Get" and "There's No 'I' in Cherem," has released a new music video and single titled "I'm Just a Yid." The song, which is a parody of punk band Simple Plan's 2002 single "I'm Just a Kid" delves into the feelings of many Jews around the world after the October 7th massacre, amid the war in Israel and rising global antisemitism.

The song opens: "I woke up October 7th, the Jewish 9/11, and it feels like it's 1939. Hamas and the UN are suddenly best friends, my news TV's all 'free Palestine.' If you ask me how I am I'd say 'fine' - but that's a lie."

In the chorus, Staiman declares: "I'm just a Yid (Jew) and life is a nightmare. I'm just a Yid and I know that it's not fair. Harvard and Penn won't condemn genocide of Jews just like you and me."

Later in the song, he quips "It's like the newest past time's committing hate crimes. College kids think they're so woke, but I guess I'm just not in on the joke."

In the second time he sings the chorus, he notes that he is "blamed for global warfare," and adds that "nobody cares because their news only comes from TikTok and the BBC."

The song ends on a hopeful note: "I'm just a Yid, but we're together, we've been there. I'm not even scared, I'm not alone in the world, believe me, it's true you're not alone in the world. Our nation is one and it sucks for the world."