The new dog is delivered to Arab al-Aramshe
The new dog is delivered to Arab al-AramsheIDU

The Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit specializing in working dogs, has begun making security dogs available to civilian security coordinators on Israel's northern border.

The organization has also undertaken to provide training for the coordinators to handle the dog while carrying out their assignments.

The dogs aid in detecting and neutralizing enemies and protecting towns against intruders.

The most recently assigned dog will be stationed in city of Arab al-Aramshe. The city's civilian security coordinator will continue training to handle the dog with the Israel Dog Unit.

Israel Dog Unit director Yekutiel Ben-Yaakov commented: "Working dogs are used around the globe by security teams to detect explosives and suspicious movement as well as to neutralize terrorists. Arab al-Aramshe is being targeted almost daily by Hezbollah rockets and other provocations. There is a constant threat that terrorists from Lebanon will try and invade Arab al-Aramshe and other neighboring Israeli towns by breaching the security fence, through tunnels, or on paragliders. Clearly, good patrol dogs can serve as a biological radar system and a biological weapon of sorts to play a vital role in early detection of terrorist infiltrations and to aid in the battle to pursue and neutralize those who come to murder, rape, and kidnap men, wome,n and children in Israel.”