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Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly announced new sanctions on 11 individuals holding senior positions in Hamas or organizations affiliated with Hamas who were directly involved in the planning, financing, and execution of the October 7, 2023, terrorist attack.

According to an official announcement issued by the Canadian Foreign Ministry, Canada, in cooperation with elements in the international community, is taking decisive steps to limit Hamas' ability to raise funds for future terrorist attacks against Israel.

The list of individuals to be sanctioned includes Yahya Sinwar, Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, Muhammad Deif, head of Hamas' military-terrorist wing, and Akram al-Ajouri, head of Islamic Jihad's military-terrorist wing.

Foreign Minister Joly noted that "Canada unequivocally condemns Hamas’s terrorist attack against Israel, its unacceptable treatment of hostages, and its heinous use of sexual and gender-based violence as a tactic of war.”

She added that “Canada is committed to a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace in the Middle East and will continue to take steps against Hamas and anyone affiliated to Hamas.”