Anti-government protesters in Tel Aviv
Anti-government protesters in Tel AvivAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Kaplan Force, the group that led the volatile anti-government demonstrations and stopped most of its activities after October 7th, announced that it will hold what it called an "evening of awakening" on Thursday to demand that elections be held as soon as possible.

The demonstrations will take place outside the homes of ministers and coalition MKs across the country under the slogan: "It's time to wake up - the home is crumbling."

The Kaplan protest group announced: "Civilians from across the spectrum, who since the war began have done their part and put the differences aside, will come to (the minister's) homes. But the careless behavior of Netanyahu and his extremist partners do not allow us to stand silently."

"Instead of discussing the day after, they danced at the 'transfer conference.' They are harming the war's accomplishments and preventing the IDF from winning. Instead of supporting the reservists and displaced residents, and rehabilitating the Gaza envelope, they passed a sectarian budget. This is no longer an emergency government that is running the country. This is a full Ben-Gvir government that is destroying our ties with the US and abandoning the hostages, while it runs a defamation campaign against their families," the announcement continued.

"At the moment, we all need to take a clear stance and put public pressure to bring an agreed date for elections. Just as we fought together for nine months for Israel to remain a democracy, it is the moral and national duty of each and every one of us to go out now and fight to save Israel from the failed government that is leading us into the abyss. We call on the public to go and take a stance, and demand from the coalition members to take responsibility and lead to an agreed date for elections. This is all of our time to defend Israel, and only a new government that gains the confidence of the nation can do this," the announcement concludes.