The inauguration ceremony
The inauguration ceremonyPress Release

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir and Samaria Governor Yossi Dagan inaugurated a new firefighting station in the Gav Hahar region of Samaria today.

The station is situated on a large tract of land and faces complicated security challenges, long roads, and scattered urbanization. It constitutes a significant improvement for residents of Samaria and improves the lifesaving response available for various incidents and emergency and routine situations, including those trapped by traffic accidents and a variety of firefighting operations.

Firefighting in Gav Hahar is largely done by 80 volunteers who live in the area and a total of 180 volunteers from all parts of Samaria, who work to provide rapid response for nearby towns along with the security department of the Samaria Regional Council and the Samaria regional firefighting station, which currently responds to an average of 3,000 incidents per year.

Opening a new station is expected to reduce response times and is part of a new operational approach that will focus on decentralizing equipment and firefighting stations in the region.

Minister Ben-Gvir commented: “We have invested extensive resources to advance and develop the firefighting system, with the purchase of new equipment and the creation of new stations. We will continue to strengthen the firefighting system that is so important to Israel. As part of our appreciation of the system, I am currently working hard to have our brave firefighters recognized as members of the security forces if they are injured or fall in the line of duty. They are fighting all the time to protect the lives of Israeli citizens, in routine and emergency situations.”

"Opening the new Gav Hahar substation at this time is especially important, and will improve the security and feeling of safety that Israelis need. It will continue to improve Isralis’ personal and national safety.’

Fire and Rescue Commissioner Eyal Caspi added: “I would like to congratulate the residents of Gav Hahar. You're in the safe hands of the firefighters and rescue services. The new station will reduce response time significantly added to your feeling of safety as residents.”

“The station will become the social and professional center for two volunteer units from nearby towns who work shoulder to shoulder with us in routine and emergency situations. Together, we will advance education and culture to prevent fires, save lives, and strengthen our national resilience and the feeling of security of the residents.”

Governor Dagan said: “I am excited to inaugurate an official building of Israel as part of strengthening our governmental hold as a state and as part of the settlement of the heart of Samaria, close to Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Ebal, as well as Joseph's Tomb. We are building from our deepest roots to the security and settlement of Samaria.”

Dagan said a celebratory blessing and described the great spirit of volunteering among the residents: “We are in difficult times with much pain and trouble, but we see so much light. The spirit that brought Jews images to take hold here with all the challenges next to Shechem, City of the Covenant, and protect the security of all of Israel, is the same spirit that makes this station, here in Samaria, the station with the most volunteers in all of Israel. There are nearly 200 volunteers in this region, of whom 80 work in firefighting in Gav Hahar. This creates what we call a mass responder incident, and we will continue to build, with God's help.”

He went on to explain the importance of the place. “This is the tip of the spear for the settlement. We have dealt with fires and terrorism for years, as part of our challenging fight for the nation of Israel. The security and settlement are always part of one another. This is true strategically - where there is settlement, there is security. On our way to a million residents in Samaria, this will be the first step. The first million is the hardest, and the next millions are easier. With God's help, we will proceed to that level, and be victorious over all hardships.”