Nikki Haley
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Nikki Haley polled below ‘none of these candidates’ in early voting in Nevada. According to The Hill, former president Donald Trump was not on the ballot, nor were voters given the option of writing a name.

Trump’s name wasn’t on the ballot because he will be taking part in Nevada’s GOP-run caucus on Thursday instead. The caucus will award all of the state’s 26 delegates to the winner, who is expected to be the former president.

At 77% of the votes, 31.1% had voted for Haley and 62.5% for none of the candidates on the ballot.

Tomorrow, the caucus is expected to hand Trump a sweeping victory, which has brought Haley to focus on the primaries in South Carolina where she is expected to have a higher chance of victory - not least since she was once the governor of the state.

Along with this, polls show Trump winning in South Carolina as well, but Haley hopes to gain momentum after losing support when she was defeated in New Hampshire by more than 10%.

As with the primaries in previous elections, the actual results of the primaries have only marginal impact. A candidate's momentum is considered far more relevant, and it is possible for a candidate to lose elections entirely simply because they lost the first few states.