pictures of the hostages
pictures of the hostagesMiriam Alster/FLASH90

The New York Times reported today (Tuesday) that Israeli intelligence believes that more than nearly one-quarter of the hostages who were kidnapped during the Hamas massacre of October 7 and are still being held captive in Gaza are dead.

According to the report, the Israeli intelligence officials estimate that 32 of the 136 hostages who remain in Hamas custody have died, leaving just 104 still alive. This is a higher death toll among the hostages than has previously been discussed.

An additional 20 hostages may also be dead, though this is still under investigation.

According to the officials who spoke with the Times, most of the hostages who died were killed on October 7 and did not die over the course of the subsequent war. The families of the 32 hostages have reportedly been informed of their loved ones' deaths.

Hamas terrorists murdered over 1,200 people in southern Israel during the October 7 attack, making it the worst massacre against the Jewish people since the Nazi Holocaust. An additional 240 people were taken hostage and kidnapped to Gaza, including elderly Holocaust survivor and a nine-month-old baby.

110 hostages were freed in late November as part of a temporary ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas, while the majority of hostages remain captive in Gaza.