Rachel Yaniv last Memorial Day at the Knesset
Rachel Yaniv last Memorial Day at the KnessetNoam Moskowitz/Knesset Spokesperson

Terrorists threw rocks on Tuesday at Rachel Yaniv who was driving to visit her grandparents in Givat Shmuel. The vehicle's back windshield shattered but miraculously no one was harmed.

Two weeks will mark 12 months since the terror attack in which Rachel's two brothers, Hallel and Yagel, were murdered in Huwara.

Esti and Shalom, Rachel's parents stated: "While terrorists throw rocks at my daughter during a routine car ride, (Central Command Commander) Maj. Gen. Fox is simulating the kidnapping of a Palestinian child and confusing friend and foe. We could easily be mourning another child.

"There are enemies here who don't want us here! It won't help, we will raise our children and hold on to our land. We expect the government and military to protect all residents of Judea and Samaria, and to wake up quickly before it's too late," the parents added.