IDF soldiers in Gaza
IDF soldiers in GazaIDF Spokesperson

A survey by the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) found that 61% of Israelis believe that the IDF must continue the war in Gaza until the Hamas terror group collapses, even if as a result not all of the hostages will return.

A 60% majority objects to Hamas's stipulation that Israel stops the war and leaves the Gaza Strip in return for the release of the hostages.

The survey also found that just 5% of Israelis support the proposed transfer of power in Gaza after the war to the Palestinian Authority, while 34% would support such a move if the PA were to be led by a president who recognizes the State of Israel and provided there is an international presence. 44% object to the PA ruling the enclave in any circumstance.

According to the survey's findings, the public's trust in the IDF continues to be high (86%) but there is a slight downward trend since the previous survey. The public's trust in the Israel Police Force is 57% and its trust in the Israeli government is 24%.

78% believe the IDF will win the war, a plunge from the 92% who believed so at the beginning of the war. In addition, there has been an increase in Israelis who do not believe that the government's war decisions come from exclusively security considerations (64%). 56% do not agree with the statement that the government's decisions regarding the hostages are based on exclusively objective considerations and not political ones.