MK Eliyahu Revivo
MK Eliyahu RevivoKnesset Spokesperson

Unprecedentedly threatening letters were found outside the doors of Likud MKs Eli Dallal and Eliyahu Revivo on Tuesday morning.

According to the report by Moran Azulai, the letters included the full names and personal details of multiple coalition members including the names of children, identification numbers, names of siblings and spouses, and detailed addresses.

The letters stated clear and highly severe threats. The Knesset Sergeant-at-Arms was notified and is tending to the matter.

On Monday, the Sergeant-at-Arms notified MK Tzvi Succot (Religious Zionist Party) that his threat level had been raised to Level 3, and he would be given security.

Succot's threat level was raised after a Lebanese terror group published a video containing death threats against him.

The beginning of the video shows photos of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Minister Ben-Gvir, and MK Succot with bullets on them. Later, the video shows a cemetery and pictures of the officials with crosshairs over them.

"The targets are ready and your death is very near," the organization wrote. Adding the verse from the Quran: "Better yet, the Hour is their appointed time—and the Hour will be most catastrophic and most bitter".

The video is signed "The Galilee Forces - Lone Wolves - Israel's worst nightmare," which has already taken responsibility for attacks in the past.