Mordechay Shenvald was in the IDF's Artillery Corps Unit 402 in Gaza on November 2nd. He was injured by Hamas fire as he was trying to repair his tank, which had been immobilized.

A terrorist aimed at the tank and hit his chest, breaking 11 ribs. After his comrades managed to move him to a safer location and laid him on a stretcher, they were again targeted by the enemy that they eventually killed.

He was evacuated to a hospital for surgery. He survived, recovered, and now continues to play his violin and share his story to inspire others to never give up, no matter what challenges they face.

Mordechay is truly a remarkable individual who has turned his pain and trauma into a source of strength and hope for others. His resilience and determination serve as a reminder of the power of music and the human spirit in overcoming adversity.

It's truly touching to hear about Mordechay's connection to the violin and how he uses music to honor his uncle's memory. The fact that he chose to play the violin in the midst of such danger and chaos speaks to his inner strength and resilience.

Mordechay's journey as the "Fiddler on the Tank" is a powerful example of how art and music can serve as a source of solace and inspiration, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

His willingness to share his story and raise awareness about the experiences of soldiers is commendable and important. By bringing attention to the sacrifices made by soldiers like himself and his uncle, Mordechay is helping to shed light on the realities of war and the lasting impact it has on individuals and their families. His efforts to raise awareness and advocate for those who serve their countries are truly admirable.