Aircraft joins strikes against Houthis
Aircraft joins strikes against HouthisReuters

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps has made a statement to MPs following the US-UK air strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen on Saturday night.

He claims that UK and US responses have had a "significant effect on degrading Houthi capabilities".

“Since October 19th, the Houthis, supplied and aided by Iran, have been infringing on fundamental freedoms by attacking international commercial vessels in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden,” he began.

“On November 19th, they illegally seized a merchant vessel using a helicopter assault crew, and since then have conducted approximately 40 attacks on commercial and military vessels. Despite repeated warnings, their have continued.”

“Britain has always stood up for international order, and since the Houthis began their attacks Britain has been at the forefront of the international response, whether helping defend vessels in the region as one of the first members of the US-led task force Operation Prosperity Guardian, or working in tandem with the US and our other allies to tackle the Houthis.”

“This is always in response to specific threats, aligned with international law, and in accord with the principles of self-defense.”

“On two occasions, we have been required to use force, and these attacks have had a significant effect on degrading the Houthis capabilities.”