Itamar Ben-Gvir
Itamar Ben-GvirYoav Dudkevitch

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir spoke about the criticism he has faced for his criticism of the American government.

“Since my interview with the Wall Street Journal, two significant facts have become apparent. The first is that the most of the Israeli public is in fact very worried about the limitations and instructions that Biden places on us, and specifically about the humanitarian aid to Gaza, which we all know is seized by Hamas.”

He added that “Israelis are also concerned about allowing fuel shipments into Gaza, which effectively gives energy to Hamas. Since the interview was published, I have received thousands of messages from Israeli citizens who demand that I continue to say what Israelis are thinking, and asking me to be strong and protect the interests of the state of Israel, and that is what Otzma Yehudit will do.”

“The second fact is that both the media and the Likud party don't approve of my criticism. I do not have time to watch all the analysts, but I do from time to time receive relevant clips, and I know that there is someone in the Prime Minister's staff who simply asked that Likud MKs criticize me. Someone tried to push them into it.”

“I would like to say to that staff member, those MKs, and those analysts - I go my own way, without flinching, without giving in, and continue to bring up the more painful subjects for Israelis. There is a problem with how the smaller Cabinet deals with the American government, and it does not matter how much you criticize me to the press, or how many Prime Minister's advisors do so. The public has understood the problem. We appreciate America, we love the government, but we need to change the way we operate, and there are certain things that need to be said.”

“I don't have a broom, and I am not sweeping the complicated reality with the Biden administration under the rug. America is our ally, a beloved one, but the Biden administration must stop pressing us to allow fuel and humanitarian supplies that will eventually go to Hamas. Humanitarian supplies must be allowed only in exchange for other humanitarian concessions.”

He ended with an appeal to the prime minister. “Mr Prime Minister, I know that you are at a crossroads today. You can and must decide. There is one way, which is the way of the smaller Cabinet, the misconception, the containment, the lack of decision, the way that accepts a Palestinian state as a matter of fact, the way that has proven time after time how mistaken it is.”

“There is another way, the way of Otzma Yehudit, of victory, of decisiveness, the way of destroying Hamas, of stopping fuel shipments for them, the way that any other choice would have found acceptable, to say, “If you want humanitarian favors, return the hostages. If you want humanitarian favors, they will come only in exchange for other humanitarian acts.” I hope that the Prime Minister of Israel can decide to choose the path of Otzma Yehudit and not Lapid and Gantz.”