artillery on northern border
artillery on northern borderIDF Spokesperson

The Lebanese newspaper Elnashra reported today (Monday) that in the coming days, a cease-fire agreement will be reached in southern Lebanon, ending the attacks the Hezbollah terrorist organization has made against northern Israel since October.

According to the report, sources familiar with the matter added that the negotiations 'passed the difficult stages' and now the parties are waiting to see what will happen in Israel's negotiations with the Hamas terrorist organization on the issue of the 136 hostages being held in the Gaza Strip.

It was also reported that contrary to the recent statements of IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant that the IDF is Gallant for a confrontation in the northern border as well as the south, Israel is interested in reaching a quick agreement that would be coordinated in terms of a timetable for the potential hostage deal in Gaza.

"The international messages conveyed by the Western envoys to Lebanon confirmed that Israel seeks to end the conflict in southern Lebanon," the officials told the newspaper, referring to American mediator Amos Hochstein, the US entrusted by the Biden Administration to reach an agreement that will bring an end to the escalation in the north completely, apparently while implementing UN Security Resolution 1701 which entails pushing Hezbollah north from southern Lebanon, but also providing a solution to the points of contention between Lebanon and Israel.