Nightmareצילום: Shutterstock

Children have always been drawn to Morah Sheindel. She would swing open the door to her kindergarten with the brightest smile, and wrap each child up in a tight, loving hug. But recently, the parents have begun to notice something shifting in Morah Shaindel. She hugs each child a little longer. When she lets go, her eyes glisten with tears.

What they don’t know is that six months ago, Sheindel Fried and her husband, R’ Avrohom, a revered Torah scholar, embarked on what seemed a promising investment opportunity, aiming to secure their five children's futures. It was a decision not made lightly, with five children and the cost of living climbing, and it was one with serious intention to secure their finances.

However, to the couple’s utter devastation, everything fell apart. The friend fell into a financial crisis, and the income, which doubled the amount they had to pay the bank every month to cover the loan for the investment, came to a grinding, sickening halt.

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Morah Shaindel and her family’s life has become a nightmare. They now don't have enough money to pay for rent, electricity, and basic expenses - It all goes to repaying the loan. They are constantly borrowing more and more money to pay the bank, and sinking into a hole that they don’t know how to get out of. R’ Yechezkel Scharfer has stepped forward with a heartfelt endorsement of the family’s plea for help. To help Morah Shaindel and her husband put bread on the table this month, and to help them find stability again, please click here.