The Temple Mount during Ramadan
The Temple Mount during RamadanPhoto by Muath Al Khatib/Flash90

Israel's defense echelon is expected to discuss the country's security policy for the upcoming Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

Most years, security accommodations are made during the month-long holiday, but it remains to be seen whether such accommodations will be made this year, due to the war with Hamas and support for the massacre voiced by the Muslim population.

According to a Ynet report, the discussions will focus on two main issues: The Cabinet's ban on allowing around 100,000 Palestinian Authority workers to enter Israel, and the number of Muslim worshippers from the Palestinian Authority who will be permitted to enter the Temple Mount during the holiday.

The defense echelon will clarify to the political echelon and the Cabinet that in Muslim culture, it is accepted to use the Ramadan holiday for shopping, entertainment, and spending, and the lack of this may leave PA Arabs at home, and without an income due to the ban on allowing around 100,000 laborers to enter pre-1967 Israel.

The report also said that if the Cabinet continues to ban the entry of these laborers or orders restrictions on movement during Ramadan, the defense echelon will insist that these two restrictions may lead to violent disruptions of order during Ramadan, and to an increase in the number of warnings of terror attacks.

Security sources said, "Hamas has been trying, since the start of the war, to drag Arabs in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem, and Israeli Arabs in the home front, to violence and terror - and thus far has not succeeded. Ramadan, as an event which unites all Muslims, could be the first real opportunity for Hamas to succeed in this, if we do not act in a professional and wise manner."