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How sweetly this is working out for Yahya Sinwar and the rest of them who run Hamas.

Not for them the disgrace of defeat when this is all over. Not for them anything like Japan’s ceremonial surrender aboard the battleship Missouri, MacArthur seeing to it that the Japanese delegation, heads bowed, signed all the papers to signify their formal humiliation and capitulation.

The Hamas terrorists have no such worries. For what they did Oct. 7, they are not being punished.

They are being rewarded… if Biden has his way. Some deal this is. Murder Jews, congratulations, you’ve won yourselves a country.

Biden has already signaled that he is prepared to formally recognize a separate state for the Palestinian Arabs, run by the Palestinian Authority, themselves terrorists.

Presumably then, Gaza all over again. We’ve seen this movie. Back in 2005, under Ariel Sharon’s generosity, Gaza was handed over to the PA, who were then ousted by Hamas.

By the way, along with Gaza, don’t the Palestinian Arabs already have a state? It’s called Israel, where nearly two million of them enjoy the full rights of citizenship.

That gives them three states, in one form or another, by my count…Gaza, Israel, and swathes of Judea/Samaria. Not bad for a people who feel oppressed.

Meantime, the Israelis still only have this one country, but for Biden, and others around the world, that’s too much.

The Israelis must share the land with more Palestinian Arabs, even if among them are literally cutthroats and cannibals.

What has changed? Have they suddenly become civilized? Yet where ever they go, they bring carnage, as they did in Jordan and Lebanon, back in the 1970s and 1980s. Brigitte Gabriel tells how the Christians of Lebanon were massacred once the Palestinian Arabs arrived and took over the country. Only Israel provided safety. See here for her incredible first-hand account.

In other words, nothing has changed. They were brutes then, as they are brutes today, but for Biden, they are kosher, simply because he says so, without evidence.

If you know Biden, like we know Biden, then you understand how this works for him. In his world, everything is in reverse. Rather, a reversal of Trump.

See how he coddles the millions of migrants illegally streaming into this country. American citizens get booted out of their homes to make room for the scofflaws, and scoff they do.

You’ve heard about this? In New York City, right there on Times Square, a gang of them beat up NYC cops, bad enough, but then got released on no bail by DA Alvin Bragg.

Watch them as they swagger in triumph.

The illegals get free housing, free education, free healthcare, among other yummies.

This is Biden’s world, and we are living in it…even if you are Jessica Tarlov, the leftist on Fox News.

There, on The Five, she heatedly argued that AOC and the rest of the Congressional Squad are too few to impact policy. They are powerless to influence Biden.

Oh yeah?

Turns out that everything Biden does is, in fact, the policy of the Squad. His turnabout to the Socialist Left is a means to satisfy their goals.

They own him. They own his views on America. They own his views on Israel. Rashida Tlaib talks, he listens, and he complies.

Thanks to them, he is more worried about Gaza’s “innocent civilians’ than about the 1,200 innocent Israeli civilians who were butchered Oct. 7.

Now he is all in for a Palestinian Arab state, as if Israeli sovereignty is his to push around. As if Israel has no say in its own security or destiny.

Strangest thing. Despite his ineptitude, despite his failures, despite his migrants befouling nearly all our big cities, large number of Americans want more of this?

Some polls show Biden closing in or even beating Trump for the next general election, and if that happens, we are all sunk.

This is getting more serious by the minute.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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