Emily and her father
Emily and her fatherIDF Spokesman

Released hostage Emily Hand, 9, continues to struggle to acclimate to her new life after being freed from Hamas captivity.

Hand, along with her father Thomas, told about their coping with daily life since being released to Kan.

“She is in good condition, communicating, and recovering. All the people around her are broken now. She had a recurring dream of fleeing Hamas to Be'eri.”

“We thought she was gone forever. It was an outright miracle, but it is accompanied by survivor’s guilt. We must simply carry on. We pray that they will get out of there as well. I know it's hard, but Emily's release is proof that anything can happen. She told me ‘I thought you were dead’ because she saw residents of our town either dead or taken to Gaza.”

He described the code words he and Emily developed as part of coping with their traumatic ordeal and the nightmares she has. “At first, I watched her sleeping. When she contorted her face,I knew she was having a bad dream and woke her up. It will take a long time for her to get over this. She has code words for terrorists: olives means means terrorists, Bambic means Arabic, and any food she doesn't like becomes a code word.”