The suspect who was shot
The suspect who was shotSocial media

A member of the civilian security squad in the town of Retamim in southern Israel shot and killed a Bedouin who broke into the town over Shabbat after the Bedouin had torn off a plastic handcuff and drew a knife from his pocket.

The incident took place at approximately 2:00 a.m. police state that three residents of Bir Hadaj and Ne'ot Hovav broke into Retamim and scaled the towns perimeter fence.

One of the suspects, Juma al-Danfiri, tore off the plastic handcuff used to restrain him and drew a knife. “A member of the civilian security squad, who noticed the threat, fired his licensed personal handgun and neutralized the suspect on the spot,” police stated.

Juma, an 18 year old from the al-Naam valley in the suburbs of Ne'ot Hovav, was taken with serious injuries to the Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva, where he was declared dead of injuries to his upper body.

The member of the civilian security squad who fired at him gave his version of events at a local police station.

Eran Doron, the governor of the Ramat Hanegev region, commented: “In light of the rampant crime in the last weeks, the guard and security systems of towns in the region have been reinforced. There was both covert and overt activity by the police and civilian security squad. After October 7th, all criminal activity in our towns could become a nationalist incident. There are unbelievable amounts of weaponry in the Bedouin community. Members of the civilian security squad acted appropriately and did what they needed to.”

“The members of the civilian security squad in Retamim acted without impropriety and protected residents of the town and their families. We must also say a good word for the police, who were in the area and reached the scene in just a few minutes. After October 7th, every thief and criminal who comes to steal must know that he is responsible for his own death. In case anyone has forgotten, the reality of lack of governance, with large quantities of munitions, has not changed here since the beginning of the war, and there is no way of knowing for what purpose it will be used.”

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir likewise praised the civilian security squad member: “He acted determinedly to engage and eliminate a person who attempted to murder members of the civilian security squad. I was informed of the incident on Shabbat itself, and support our forces. Someone intruding into a town with a knife, who attempts to murder the civilian security squad, is responsible for his own death. Here as well, we have proven that weapons save lives. It is for incidents like this that we have established hundreds of new civilian security squads to protect towns throughout Israel.”

Nevertheless, al-Danfiri's body will be sent for autopsy and examination.