Meir Porush
Meir PorushFlash 90

Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Jewish Heritage Meir Porush responded in the Knesset plenum on behalf of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and the government, as to why it is necessary to draft pre-military academy students early.

Many online readers wondered how a minister representing a public of which a majority does not serve in the military presents the Defense Minister's position in the Knesset plenary, on the importance of recruitment and the IDF's need for more soldiers.

Calcalist journalist Yuval Sadeh wrote, "The minister who represents the sector that does not serve in the army is explaining to all of us why the recruitment of pre-military preparatory school and Hesder (yeshivas that combine military service with Torah study) students should be made earlier because the IDF needs combat soldiers. In the State of Israel, there is always someone to take advantage of the general public."

Dr. Shuki Friedman responded to the statement, "Porush, the leader of those evading their social responsibility, is suggesting that the state bring forward the recruitment of the pre-military preparatory school and Hesder students, who are going to battle. The irony is ridiculous."

Journalist Shirit Avitan Cohen responded, "I don't know who sent him to comment on behalf of the IDF, but it's not funny." Journalist Baruch Kara believes that "Porush should have refused to represent the government on this matter. It's terrible."

Journalist Yair Ettinger responded, "This is not a joke. Minister Porush is explaining, on behalf of the government, why it is necessary to bring forward the recruitment of pre-military preparatory school students and send them to the battlefront."

Journalist Bini Ashkenazi noted, "I have no problem with Porush and recruiting the haredim, it's a complex issue, but he should not be the one to answer such a question. At least set a personal example."

Rotem Shtarkman, the deputy editor of TheMarker, responded, "Every day a new record of audacity is broken here."