Yoav Gallant with the delegation of ambassadors
Yoav Gallant with the delegation of ambassadorsAriel Hermoni/IMOD

Israel's Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant on Thursday hosted a delegation of Ambassadors to the United Nations. The delegation is led by Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan.

During the meeting, Minister Gallant briefed the ambassadors on developments in the war in Gaza and emphasized that the IDF will continue operating until it achieves its goals - dismantling the military and governing capabilities of Hamas, and returning the hostages to Israel.

The Minister also discussed Israel’s northern arena – stressing that the window of time for Israel to ensure the security of its citizens and return 80,000 residents to their homes, is shrinking. Minister Gallant emphasized Israel’s preference for the diplomatic channel, while maintaining readiness for military alternatives.

In response to the ambassadors’ questions, Minister Gallant detailed Iran’s aggression against Israel via seven different arenas. He stated that Israel is determined to act against any threat, while also highlighting the important role of the international community in countering Iran’s regional aggression.

The Minister also discussed the involvement of UNRWA employees in the horrific attacks conducted by Hamas on October 7th. He disclosed information linking the organization’s employees to the Hamas terrorist organization, and emphasized that UNRWA does not function as a legitimate aid organization in its current form. Furthermore, he detailed the ongoing connection between Hamas and UNRWA, describing the organization as “Hamas with a facelift.”

Minister Gallant expressed his appreciation to the Ambassadors for visiting Israel during this time, and commended Ambassador Erdan for representing Israel’s national interests in the international arena.