Air strike in Damascus, Syria
Air strike in Damascus, SyriaSANA/Handout via REUTERS

Reuters reports that the IRGC has begun withdrawing personnel from Syria following a series of Israeli airstrikes that have killed several Iranian soldiers.

The casualties were reported to include a top Iranian intelligence officer.

Iran has thus far avoided direct participation in Israel's war against Hamas, but multiple Iranian-backed militias - including Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, and factions in Iraq - have stepped up attacks against Israel and Israel-affiliated targets since the war began.

The withdrawal forms the latest of a series of events that indicate growing chances of a large-scale regional conflict, including the increased Iranian-backed attacks, multiple nations dispatching warships to the Red Sea, and reports that US President Joe Biden is planning a drastic response to the killing of three US soldiers in a drone strike that could span multiple countries.

Despite this, several powers have declared their desire to avoid such a a conflict to any possible degree, including both Israel and the USA.