Channel 14 reporter Yedidya Epstein published a video Thursday morning showing a large number of Palestinian Authority (PA) Arabs entering the town of Mishor Adumim, claiming that two thousand PA Arabs had broken through the checkpoint at the town entrance and were separated from the residents by a single guard in an interior gatehouse.

Channel 13 reporter Yossi Eli published different footage of the incident, staring that the electronic terminal for security checks had broken down and that PA Arabs were being allowed into the town without security checks.

He further claimed that members of the local civilian security team had locked the vehicle gates to the town when the computer malfunctioned, and that the workers had ignored the gate and entered the town anyway until police arrived.

The Israel Police and local security hotline denied both reports.

A statement from the Israel Police about the incident clarified: “Regarding a video published this morning in which Palestinian workers are shown at the entrance to the industrial zone of Mishor Adumim, we would like to clarify that due to a technical malfunction of the security check system, a backlog of workers occurred. Police forces were sent to the area and are checking all the workers entering the town manually. The incident is under control.”