Netanyahu and Lapid
Netanyahu and LapidYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Kan Reshet Bet on Wednesday reported on Likud's “generous” proposal to expand the coalition: a senior Likud minister recently addressed Yesh Atid’s members of Knesset and suggested that his party give up the Ministry of Justice case held by Minister Yariv Levin and transfer it to Yesh Atid, in exchange for its entry into the coalition and the expansion of the government's support.

According to the report, the proposal aimed at redistributing the ministries in the government, with a desire to expand it even more during and after the war period.

The proposal does not mention removing other parties, but adding more parties to the existing coalition and replacing staff in most of the important ministries.

It was also reported that ministries run by coalition partners are also planned for redistribution if Yesh Atid shows willingness to accept the offer.

Senior officials in the coalition add that such messages - relinquishing the justice ministry and redistributing roles – were also conveyed to members of the National Unity party, if they would agree to stay in the government for a longer period and not just for the coming months of the war.

Yesh Atid’s chairman Yair Lapid responded to the proposal saying, "Our goal is to rescue the hostages and bring them home, and not to save Netanyahu and his extremist partners. As usual, the Likud is confused - total victory is bringing the hostages home after the biggest historical blunder - not staying in power and holding onto one's seat."