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Shoshana Dino is a quiet hero. A mother of 10 children, she worked extremely hard together with her husband to raise her family. One of her children is disabled and relies on costly medicine to live. As he grew into an adult, he remained completely dependent on her and required much of her time and patience, but she took it in stride.

Then tragedy struck, and her husband was diagnosed with a disease that spread to his entire body and ultimately took his life. Mrs. Dino had 4 children at home at that point, and in the years that passed she succeeded in the superhuman task of marrying off 2 children alone.

What can cause this superhuman woman to break? Tragically, it’s the wedding of her final child.

She stated on camera that she has not a penny to give her son. Her son, although sincere and hardworking, also has nothing to contribute, and they are stuck in an impossible situation with no hope in sight.

The countdown is on. With the wedding scheduled for February 26th, they still have nothing. No new clothes for the Groom, no ring for his Bride, and nothing to contribute towards the cost of the wedding.

The widow is heartbroken to be in the position of asking the public for help, but her situation is forcing her to. With no husband to rely on, Mrs. Dino is dependent on the mercy of the public to marry off her son in just 3 weeks. Readers can give the widow hope and contribute towards her wedding expenses by donating here.