Prime Minister Netanyahu with Bnei David dean Rabbi Eli Sadan
Prime Minister Netanyahu with Bnei David dean Rabbi Eli SadanAmos Ben Gershom/GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday spoke at the Bnei David Institutions in the town of Eli and addressed reports of a hostage deal.

"This is not 'another round', neither is it an exchange of blows nor is it an operation – it is total victory. Nothing less. I am committed to it. Our fighters are committed to it and the overwhelming majority of the people are committed to it. We will not compromise on anything less than total victory," Netanyahu stated regarding the war.

"I hear talk about all kinds of deals. I would like to make it clear: We will not conclude this war without achieving all of its goals. This means eliminating Hamas, returning all of our hostages, and ensuring that Gaza never again constitutes a threat to Israel," he declared.

The Prime Minister concluded: "We will not withdraw the IDF from the Gaza Strip and we will not release thousands of terrorists. None of this will happen. What will happen? Total victory!"

Binyamin Regional Council Governor Israel Ganz told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on his visit today at the pre-army yeshiva in Eli that Binyamin residents support the government’s moves: “The residents of Binyamin give you their full backing, want and expect you to win this war. You have our support so that you can eradicate this enemy from Gaza and from everywhere necessary. Many reservists come from here, and many families have sent their children and husbands to the battlefront. They all want to send you this message – we support you in achieving a decisive victory, with no compromises.”