A new video clip viewed by Arutz Sheva - Israel National News shows Arabs from the city of Jericho arriving at the entrance to IDF Battalion 47's military base in the Jordan Valley.

Residents passing the scene protested, saying that this is powerlessness on the part of security forces, who allow Palestinian Authority (PA) Arabs from a village from which shots are fired at Israeli forces to come and work very close to IDF bases.

"Arabs with a white license plate, from Jericho, arrived at the entrance of the base - it's insanity," complained a local resident who filmed the incident.

An IDF spokesperson responded: "The video clip shows footage of workers who have a work permit, and who remained outside the walls of the base and were under increased security and were closely watched."

In December, a total of approximately 8,000 Palestinian Authority Arabs were allowed to enter Israel for work purposes - despite the fact that the government's ministers vehemently opposed such a move.

A report by Kan Reshet Bet noted that the workers, who represent about 20% of the usual number of PA Arabs allowed into pre-1967 Israel, have been allowed to return to their places of employment - despite the fact that the political echelon did not approved the move, which followed a similar decision at the end of October.