Ayelet Lash
Ayelet LashPress Release

Right-wing activist Ayelet Lash was summoned for a hearing in by the Civil Service Commission a few days ago for several tweets she published three years ago protesting Arab terrorism and the former Minister of the Environment Tamar Zandberg.

Lash commented on the summons: “This is a shame and disgrace. I have been alone in my house with my children for more than one hundred days because my husband is in reserve duty. I rush between my work as a teacher and caring for my home."

"This hearing is a slap in the face from the state that I serve and a disgusting suppression of free speech. I have been investigated by police about my posts in three cases, all of which were closed for lack of guilt. The state prosecutor also closed its cases against me. Instead of the state dealing with the real incitement, such as that of Ahmed Tibi, who is the advisor of most terrorists and today is also an MK, they come to me, who warned repeatedly of such a massacre as the one that actually took place on October 7th.

“These days, there are principals who act in an antisemitic manner and expel students who try to put on tefillin in school, but no one investigates them or says anything to them. Public figures encourage refusal to serve and civil disobedience, and none of them are investigated. There is nothing in the posts I published that is incitement or racism, only statements of reality.”

Attorney Adi Kedar from the Honenu legal aid organization, who represents Lash, commented: “The police have investigated Lash’s statements and decided not to charge her because she had not committed any offenses. Despite this, another government agency is attempting to charge her. We will fight determinedly against this process, which is discriminatory and misleading. If the Civil Service Commission believes that it will teach Ayelet a lesson with this hearing, it is both wrong and misleading. We will fight until Ayelet has been entirely vindicated.”