The Israeli forces which eliminated three Hamas terrorists in Jenin's Ibn Sina hospital completed their task within about ten minutes.

The three terrorists were eliminated by undercover officers from Israel's National Counterterrorism Unit, some of whom were dressed as doctors and nurses. The forces raided the hospital, in a smooth operation which lasted only a few minutes, eliminating the terrorists who were in a hidden room on one of the levels.

A senior source said, "There are no cities of refuge in Judea and Samaria, and there will not be any - let every terrorist know this. The arms of the IDF and security forces will reach them all."

The forces entered the hospital at around 5:30 a.m., and within minutes, the terrorists had already been eliminated. The most senior of the three terrorists, Mohammed Jalamneh, was armed with a pistol, which was seized by security forces. The terrorists did not manage to respond to the forces, and by 5:40 a.m. the forces began to make their exit.

The operation was made possible by precise intelligence received prior to the operation, which was unprecedented in Israel.

Israeli security forces are aware that many terrorists hide in hospitals throughout Judea and Samaria and use the hospitals to manage their terror infrastructure, since they believe that Israeli forces will not enter such a place.

Many terrorists use the Ibn Sina hospital as a refuge, and in many operations the IDF has conducted, terrorists fired at the forces from hospital grounds, and hurled explosives, rocks, and firebombs at them.

Sources from within the hospital said, "Around ten people who were members of a special force were wearing civilian clothes and doctors' and nurses' uniforms. They infiltrated the hospital and went to the third floor and eliminated the three young men using silencer guns."