Mark Pellegrino
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American actor Mark Pellegrino, who is best known for his roles in the television series Supernatural, Dexter, and Lost, among others, published on Sunday a message for the people of Israel.

Pellegrino opened by reading a portion of a letter written by Master Sergeant (res.) Rabbi Elkana Vizel, who fell in the Gaza building collapse disaster last week: "We are the generation of redemption! We are writing the most significant moments in the history of our nation and the entire world. So please be optimistic. Continue choosing life constantly. Lives of love, hope, purity, and optimism."

The actor says "Right there, that is the soul of Israel to me and the reason I support you. You are a culture that represents modernity, progressiveness, and freedom. And you are fighting against forces of regression, that are anti-modernity, anti-western civilization, that are determined to throw back society to medieval times. Theirs is a culture of death and violence, and that is what you are fighting.

"This is a wider fight than the one that you are immediately in and it is the most significant fight for all of us here in the West. So I want to tell you: I support you very much and the rational people in the world support you. Though our voices may not be as loud as the hordes of people who protest in the middle of the street, they are more powerful because they are rational, and they are more powerful because they are true, and they are more powerful because they embrace Western civilization," he adds.

Pellegrino concludes: "I wish you the best, I'm here with you in spirit, and I'm fighting for you in the realm of ideas here in the United States."