Hezbollah terrorists near the border (illustrative)
Hezbollah terrorists near the border (illustrative)Flash 90

The IDF returned fire towards southern Lebanon, after rockets were fired Monday morning towards a post on the Lebanon-Israel border.

Two soldiers were lightly injured by the fire, which Hezbollah took responsibility for. The terror group said that around 8:00a.m. Monday morning, they fired Burkan rockets towards the Biranit post.

Shortly before midnight on Sunday night, two anti-tank missiles were fired towards Shomera and Sasa in northern Israel.

There were no reports of injuries or damages. The IDF retaliated with artillery fire at the sources of the shooting.

The Hezbollah terrorist organization later claimed responsibility for firing two Flak 1-type missiles towards a town and a post in northern Israel. These missiles can carry a 50 kg warhead and reach a range of 10.5 kilometers.