Joe Ben Malin
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A recent Israeli public opinion poll caught my attention. It was conducted by the Midgam Institute on behalf of the far left Geneva Initiative, and it made me nervous for the future of Israel. It reported that 51.3% of Israelis are in favor of the post war plan for Gaza that the United States proposes. This horrendous scheme suggests Israel surrender the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority and recognize a Palestinian state. In return, Israel could receive normalization with Saudi Arabia.

This is perhaps one of the most uneven and twisted agreements that has ever been proposed by America. A mistake of this magnitude may rise to the level of the Oslo Accords which Israel has paid a heavy price for in the form of Jewish blood and a lack of Jewish sovereignty.

Of course, Israel tried a similar thing in 2005 under Ariel Sharon. Under American pressure Sharon agreed to pull all Israeli civilians and military personnel out of Gaza with the foolish hope that the Palestinian Authority would take over a demilitarized Gaza.

We know what ended up happening: Fatah (the political faction in charge of the PA) had its members thrown off Gazan Rooftops after Hamas won the possibly rigged elections.

Contrary to popular belief, Gaza is a lost cause. The risks of putting it back into the hands of Palestinian Arabs to control is a risk not worth taking.

Jewish lives should never be placed in danger once again.

The average Israeli should feel an emotional and spiritual connection to all of our land. How can they if the Israeli government continues to hand over pieces of it to our enemies?

How far have our people fallen if we do not do everything to hold on to Gaza, Yehuda, Shomron (Judea and Samaria) and the rest of Biblical Israel and place it in the same esteem as the parts of Israel of which we now have full control?

G-d gave the Land of Israel to the Jewish People in perpetuity and I pray that every Jew believes this. We do not have a choice to give it away to our enemies. G-d commands us to keep sovereignty of all that he most graciously put into our hands.

"You shall possess the land and you shall settle in it, for to you have I have given the land to possess it.” As it says in Numbers 33:53.

Why would a logical person ever want to give what is precious to him over to someone who wants him murdered? "From the River to the Sea" is the slogan of the PA, not just Hamas, and giving them a little more land will not satisfy their hunger for land, they want it all, and they want us gone.

The current United States government just doesn’t understand this. Americans cannot imagine living next door to bloodthirsty enemies who have been terrorizing them for generations. Israel does not have the luxury of sharing a border with Canada. Israelis cannot afford to forget that aggressive anti-Jewish terrorism in this region started over twenty-five years before the Jewish state was created, before there were any so called “occupied lands”.

We must not put our trust in foreign “allies”, the only ally Israel needs to listen to is G-d, our one and true ally.

Hosea 5:13 beautifully explains why we must rely on G-d and not America, or any other nation, in times of distress: "And when Ephraim saw his sickness, and Judea his wound, Ephraim went to Assyria, and sent to the king for help; but he is not able to heal you, nor shall he cure you of your wounds."

Our holy rabbis explain as follows; the kingdoms of Judea and Israel were continuously being invaded, and instead of crying out to G-d for help they put their faith in the foreign superpower of their time.

It is clear that if we put our faith in America to solve our problems with our violent neighbors then we will be destined for more suffering. The very next passage in Hosea talks about how G-d will destroy the two Jewish kingdoms like a lion and beast and no one will be able to save them.

This is what I fear, I do not fear Hamas, I do not fear Hezbollah, and I don’t even fear Iran: I only fear G-d and what He will do to us as retribution for our forsaking Him as our one and only savior.

The only way to save ourselves from our troubles is to discontinue the way we are currently connected to America and reinvent the relationship.

Our holy nation will then be able to grow in our relationship with G-d and submit ourselves to His law and not the whims of foreign governments. The sooner Israel realizes what a glorious future we can have as a nation if we select the correct path, the closer we will be to real peace and to complete Redemption.

Joe Ben Malin is a dedicated Yeshiva student from America learning in Jerusalem