Soldiers operating along Gaza border
Soldiers operating along Gaza borderChaim Goldberg/Flash 90

At the start of the war, the defense establishment announced a new security zone in the Gaza Strip, at a depth of one kilometer from the border with Israel, to prevent Palestinian Arabs from approaching the fence due to concerns they could be terrorists in disguise, as occurred before the Hamas attack on October 7.

However, as Kan 11 News published on Sunday, the IDF's rules of engagement have changed in the last month in such a manner that they do not allow the new parameter to be enforced.

Due to this, Palestinian Arabs are approaching the area of the border fence with the Gaza Strip, while the soldiers stationed there are not allowed to shoot at them.

The IDF said in response, "The IDF is prepared along the border fence with many forces and is working in a variety of ways to protect the area. The rules of engagement are orderly, and allow the forces to remove any threat, with all the tools to protect their lives."