Protest at Kerem Shalom (illustrative)
Protest at Kerem Shalom (illustrative)Arutz Sheva

The IDF has declared the area around the Kerem Shalom Crossing between Gaza and Israel to be a closed military zone.

According to a Sunday announcement, on Saturday night, "according to the situational assessment, the Commander of the Southern Command signed an order to implement a closed military zone in the area of the Kerem Shalom Crossing."

The order follows a series of protests held near the crossing, in which families of hostages blocked the transfer of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

On Sunday morning, IDF forces together with policemen attempted to prevent the protesters from blocking the crossing and the aid trucks. The protesters attempted to go around the checkpoints in order to reach the crossing and block the trucks.

During these attempts to stop the protesters, a number of trucks succeeded in entering Gaza, but protesters soon succeeded in blocking the crossing.

On Saturday night, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a press conference that "without minimal humanitarian aid we will not be able to complete the task and achieve the goals of the war."

"The Chief of Staff has given instructions to deal with the blockages, because we have a need to ensure this minimal supply."