Joe Biden
Joe BidenMiriam Alster/Flash 90

The Biden administration is considering using weapons sales to pressure Israel into reducing its military campaign in Gaza, NBC News reported.

According to the report, no decisions have been made but the Pentagon, under direction of the White House, is reviewing the weaponry Israel has requested and discussing which weapons sales could be used as leverage to force the Israeli government to scale back its assault on the Hamas terror group in Gaza.

The NBC report quoted three current and one former US officials, all of whom are familiar with the matter.

According to the sources, Israeli officials continue to request additional weapons, including large aerial bombs, ammunition, and air defenses, from the US government.

Among the weapons which may be used as leverage are 155 mm artillery rounds and joint direct attack munitions (JDAMs), NBC added. The officials said they are not likely to slow delivery of air defenses, though the idea to do so was floated. The US is also unlikely to slow delivery of systems to defend Israeli civilians and infrastructure.

Another option under discussion is offering Israel more of the requested weapons as an incentive to take steps requested by the US.

Last month, CNN reported that Biden and his administration had no plans to place conditions on military aid provided to Israel during the current war.

At the time, US officials also told CNN that the US does not plan to change its position or "draw any red lines around the transfer of weapons and munitions to Israel." The US, does, however, expect that US-manufactured equipment will be used in accordance with international law, and the officials pointed out that Israel takes efforts to ensure that this is so.