While operating in Khan Yunis, Sergeant First Class (res.) Akiva Halfon, a soldier in the 55th Brigade, found a trophy etched with the name "Eli Yifrah."

Halfon noticed the writing on the trophy: "To Eli Yifrah, in recognition of your promotion to League B., 93'/94 season, Maccabi Modiin-Maccabim-Re'ut." He quickly uploaded a post to a Facebook group of Modiin residents in an attempt to find the trophy's owner.

Halfon related the incident on Sunday to Kan Reshet Bet: "We were operating in Khan Yunis, there was a suspicion that there were Hamas terrorists in some of the homes, and went in to clear them out. I saw a trophy. I know how much these trophies mean to people."

The basketball player, Eli Yifrah also joined the interview and described his excitement: "I was tearing up, to get something so nostalgic, it's crazy."

The trophy was stolen from Yifrah years ago when a burglar broke into his home. Halfon promised him that the moment he is let out on leave he will give him the trophy. "Just let us defeat Hamas."