Ahmad Abu Latif
Ahmad Abu LatifIDF

Political analyst Amit Segal visited the family of Sergeant First Class (res.) Ahmad Abu Latif, who was killed in the Gaza building collapse disaster.

Segal shared his experiences in a television broadcast and added that he was surprised that no Arab MK had visited the family.

Ahmad was in charge of security for Ben-Gurion University. His father spoke about how strict his son was and added that when he had visited the university, Ahmad had made him go through a security check. “I trust you, but maybe someone is smuggling something in with you. I can't make any exceptions,” he would tell his father.

The family explained that on the morning of October 7th, Ahmad was unable to find the key to the closet containing his uniform. In his rush to report for duty, he had smashed the door rather than keep looking for the key.

“Everyone was there - religious, secular, Arab,” Segal recounted. “On my way out, his brother stopped me. I asked him if everyone had indeed visited, and he told me ‘No, do you know who is missing? Not even one Arab MK.’

Fellow anchor Ben Caspit replied “This is weird, we need to check on this with Mansour Abbas. It would be most fitting for him to visit. He is very active among the families of the hostages.”

“At a minimum, he is responsible to show some humanity and console the family of a casualty,” Segal agreed.