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45 German companies have announced that they will be implementing a pilot project of a four-day workweek, intending to test the claims that such a step will make workers more efficient.

According to Bloomberg, the pilot will begin in February and continue for half a year while retaining the current salaries of the workers despite their working fewer days.

EuroLam CEO Henning Röper, who is part of the trial, stated: “I can be involved and position our company as a modern corporation, or I can say everyone needs to work more and, eventually, find myself without workers.”

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner opposed the pilot, saying that the step would threaten economic growth in the country.

The idea stemmed from a skilled labor shortage in Germany and pressure from companies to find workers with suitable skills.

This project is expected to increase the negotiating power of the workers to demand higher wages, flexibility, and better conditions. The Builders’ Union in Germany has demanded a raise of more than 20% for the majority of their 930,000 workers.

economists in Germany have warned that the step of raising construction workers’ salaries could speed up inflation in Germany.

the current estimate is that by 2035, the situation will become even more severe due to an aging population, which will lead to a drop of seven million individuals in the active workforce.