Ronn Torossian
Ronn TorossianCorutesy

In Israel, as Jews, we are on a crash course with the world. We are on a crash course because we chose to live. And the simplicity about this war which started October 7th is that it isn’t about "settlements" or social justice or Netanyahu or anything other than the simple fact that we are Jewish, and we choose to live.

We simply want to live.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, next to a photo of one-year-old Israeli hostage Kfir Bibas, Israel’s President Isaac Herzog said this week that Israelis are not able to think about a peace process with the Palestinian Arabs right now.

“If you ask an average Israeli now about his or her mental state, nobody in his right mind is willing now to think about what the solution of the peace agreements wil be, because everybody wants to know: Can we be promised real safety in the future? Every Israeli wants to know that he will not be attacked in the same way from north or south or east.”

The left of center former leader of the Labor party, a few weeks ago Herzog said. “In order to get back to the idea of dividing the land, of negotiating peace or talking to the Palestinians, etc., one has to deal first and foremost with the emotional trauma that we are going through and the need and demand for a full sense of security for all people.”

America is ignoring the will of the Israeli people, and fundamental questions. Israel has made ample sacrifices including leaving Gaza, uprooting 8000 people, and much more. Now, after October 7th there’s no interest in a Palestinian Arab state, regardless of what America wants.

Nor do the Palestinian Arabs want a 2-State solution as they have shown and proved to us. They want an Arab state instead of Israel. Palestinian Arabs live in Israel today, but this state that America is pushing is an antisemitic one which doesn’t allow Jews.

There is no road to a 2-State solution, with Netanyahu or without Netanyahu. The only path to a 2-State solution means no Jewish state. America’s continued pushing strengthens the right-wing. Many in Israel aren’t fans of Netanyahu for many reasons, but this isn’t about Netanyahu, it’s about the Jewish state.

Ronn Torossianis an Israeli American public relations executive.