PM Netanyahu displays Arabic copy of 'Mein Kampf'
PM Netanyahu displays Arabic copy of 'Mein Kampf'G.P.O.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday evening held a press conference, discussing the recent International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling on South Africa's lawsuit against Israel.

"'Our decisive victory is what is most important. Continue with all your strength, so that our victory will be as decisive as possible,'" Netanyahu began, quoting fallen IDF soldier Master sergeant (res.) Elkana Vizel. Vizel, a father of four and a reservist, fell in Gaza this week while defending his country.

"During this difficult week, we lost heroic soldiers," Netanyahu continued. "I reiterate to you, citizens of Israel, our obligation to fulfill their will, and to achieve all of the war's goals: Eliminating Hamas, returning all of our hostages, and ensuring that Gaza will never again threaten Israel."

"We will never forget the horrors of October 7. We will not forget the massacre, the rape, the murder, the tortures, we will not forget the kidnappings. Thus far we have brought back 110 of the hostages, and we are committed to bringing all of them home. We are busy with this, and we are working on it around the clock, including right now.

"We will never forget what the Hamas monsters did to our sons and daughters. And therefore there is no replacement for absolute victory. We must win - and we will win."

"Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. There is no greater absurdity than that yesterday, on the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, there were those who came to the Hague to accuse us of a false and infuriating claim of genocide. And in whose name did they come? In the name of Hamas - in the name of the 'new Nazis' - who came to perpetrate genocide against us."

He continued, "I am holding an Arabic copy of Hitler's book, 'Mein Kampf.' This book was found by our soldiers in the homes of Gaza civilians. They found extensive antisemitic and Nazi literature. This is what they teach their children. And so, I insist that after we eliminate Hamas, on what they call 'the day after' in Gaza, there will be no body which educates its children not only to terror and the destruction of Israel, but to the destruction of the entire Jewish nation."

"It was in the name of these 'new Nazis' that South Africa came to the Hague. I must tell you, the very fact that the Hague was willing to discuss this laughable claim, the very fact that they did not toss it out the window, proves that many people in the world did not learn anything from the Holocaust. But we did learn.

"The main lesson of the Holocaust is that only we will protect ourselves, by ourselves. No one will do it for us. And therefore, faced with the enormous pain which is tearing our hearts, we must continue to be strong and determined, and we must respond with war to those who seek to destroy us.

"The Jewish state was founded in the ashes of the Holocaust, to ensure a defense force for the Jewish nation. Israel, like every sovereign country, has the basic right to defend itself. No one will take that right from us, and no one will stop us from fulfilling it.

"We are fighting a war more just than any other, with an army more ethical than any other. This is a war that was forced upon us by a despicable enemy, who declares unashamedly that he intends to murder all of the Jews, no matter who they are. On October 7 they murdered, beheaded, raped, and burned infants. If they had the possibility, they would have slaughtered all of us. If we do not eliminate Hamas terrorists, these 'new Nazis,' the next massacre is only a matter of time.

"Therefore, we are determined to complete the task, to eliminate Hamas. And even if this takes time - we will not give up on this task," he promised. "The nation believes in our soldiers, in our spirit, in our resilience. We are all proud of them and we all embrace them."