IDF soldiers in Gaza
IDF soldiers in GazaIDF Spokesperson

In a building in the Gaza Strip, IDF soldiers found an older woman, aged approximately 75, on a bed with her hands tied and in a very poor medical condition.

The soldiers found the woman while searching the building with a drone before raiding it. The drone noticed a suspicious figure and after an investigator called out to her in both Hebrew and Arabic and the suspicion of entrapment was ruled out, the force, together with the investigator, went to the apartment.

Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation journalist Avishai Grinzaig reported that the force found the woman in a poor medical condition, dehydrated with her arms swollen. The investigator interrogated her as a doctor tended to her in the field.

According to her, her family fled to the south. Two Hamas operatives came in IDF uniforms, tied her up, and told her to say that the IDF did it. She remained in that position for two days.

Grinzaig criticized the IDF Spokesperson Unit: "It has really come time for the IDF Spokesperson to start publishing these materials. For how much longer will they concentrate on videos of explosions?"

Ynet military correspondent Yoav Zitun commented to Grinzaig with another story: "I saw a video, which for some reason the IDF hasn't published, which was no less shocking. A drone belonging to the 551st Reserve Battalion was searching a building in Jabaliya before the forces entered. In the corner of the room lay an elderly Gazan man, leaning on the wall, his crutches on the ground next to him.

Zitun continued to describe: "He was so exhausted, he didn't even lift his head when he heard the buzzing of the drone. That same officer told me that his subordinates changed diapers for elderly individuals who Hamas intentionally left behind, in the rubble."

On social media there were those who claimed that Grinzaig's story was not believable. In response, an X user commented with a photograph of the incident, noting that it was his team.