Idan Amedi
Idan AmediMiriam Alster/Flash90

Israeli singer and actor Idan Amedi was released Thursday morning from the hospital after being seriously injured in Gaza.

Earlier this month, Amedi, a reservist in a combat engineering unit, suffered severe injuries in an explosion at a tunnel shaft in Gaza.

Amedi was taken to the hospital by helicopter suffering from shrapnel wounds, and required surgery to remove shrapnel from his body.

Speaking to reporters, he said, "I arrived unidentifiable, with a name tag that said 'Anonymous, 22 years old.'"

Amedi also said that his heart is with the best of Israel's sons, who have fallen, and with their families, who lost their most beloved. "In their deaths, they commanded us to live," he said.

"As one who is personally familiar with loss, I know that there are no words to comfort the heart," he said. "Your sons and daughters are my heroes for the rest of my life. I arrived at Sheba Tel Hashomer unidentifiable - Anonymous, 22 years old."

"It is important to me that the nation of Israel know that it has merited the best medical staffs. The reason I am here is the understanding that I have become an emissary for all of those who were injured. Like them, I also need a long rehabilitation process. The very fact that I am standing here today is a miracle.

"I will yet tell the full story - right now, I am focused on recovery and my concern for the nation of Israel. We have a responsibility, as a nation, not to fall apart - to speak good, and to do good, and there is no task more important. Only together will we be victorious."