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The sun had just emerged from gray rain clouds when Yaakov Zilberman arrived at the address given to him by the man he had just spoken with. He paused for a moment before stepping out of his car, steeling himself for a heartbreaking situation. As he walked towards the building, he could feel the despair emanating from the dilapidated building. He could see the walls crumbling from years of neglect, and signs of wear and tear everywhere he looked.

Inside he found a family of nine – one of the children gravely ill, the mother struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month, and seven children living in conditions that no one should endure, with gusts of freezing winter air blowing mercilessly throughout the house. Displaced from their home due to unforeseen circumstances, they were now living a nomadic life, moving from one temporary shelter to another. Please click here to see how you can help>>>

Zilberman was so moved by the sight that he had to document it, filming a video describing what the family had been going through. Click here to watch and to donate>>>

Zilberman has initiated a fundraiser to help the Rabinowitzes move to a safe home for their children. We can all relate to the feeling of despair and helplessness, when all seems lost. Everyone deserves to have a chance at living a life of dignity, and providing for their family. If you would like to make a difference in the lives of these kids, please click here to donate.