The exhibition in Mishmar Haemek
The exhibition in Mishmar HaemekIDU

The Israel Dog Unit, a non-profit specializing in search and rescue, held an exhibition with its working dogs for families from Nahal Oz who survived the October 7th massacre.

The exhibition was held in the town of Mishmar Ha'emek and featured a display of the dogs' training and capabilities. There was also an interactive portion in which children were allowed to pet the dogs, during which one parent claimed it was the first time her son had smiled since the massacre.

Following the exhibition, Israel Dog Unit volunteers heard the survivors' first-hand accounts of the bravery of the towns residents. Among the accounts were stories of the bravery of the civilian security team who fought Hamas almost unaided, and the heroic deaths of those killed defending Nahal Oz.

The Israel Dog Unit commented: "We see it as a privilege to bring a bit of light to the children who were evacuated from the massacre sites in the south, and who now live with their painfully traumatic experiences. We will continue to accompany them to any degree necessary.”