Ambassador Erdan at UN Security Council
Ambassador Erdan at UN Security CouncilSpokesman

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday), Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan delivered a speech at a high-level Security Council meeting on the Israel-Hamas war. The Foreign Ministers of Russia, France, Slovenia, Iran, and more participated in the meeting.

Ambassador Erdan strongly criticized the calls for a ceasefire in the Council, “Yet shockingly, many here on the Security Council are advocating for a permanent ceasefire, while giving no thought to the implications. What do you think will happen if there is a ceasefire?

I’ll tell you what will happen: Hamas will remain in power. They will regroup and rearm. And soon, Israelis will face another attempted Holocaust.

Is this the outcome you seek for all of us? That once again, Israel will be forced to carry out another defensive operation in Gaza? Do you truly expect us to leave our hostages in Hamas terror tunnels?

As long as Hamas remains in power, a very dark future is inevitable for all of us.

How can you call for a ceasefire and mention a solution to the conflict at the same time? This is a complete oxymoron. You cannot have both. It’s impossible.

Hamas seeks to annihilate Israel and if you support a position that will leave Hamas in power, you cannot pretend to wish for a solution to the conflict. The past 18 years have proven this.”

In addition, Ambassador Erdan referred to the complete absurdity of inviting Iran’s Foreign Minister to deliver a speech at the United Nations on Israel and the situation in the Middle East, “Minister Amir-Abdollahian represents the regime that arms and instructs Hezbollah to target our civilians. He represents the regime that transfers weapons and intelligence to the Houthis.”

During his remarks, Ambassador Erdan presented a photograph of Iranian weapons on their way to the Houthis that were intercepted by the United States Navy, “This is clear proof of who is masterminding this so-called spillover.”

Ambassador Erdan also said, “Has Iran’s Foreign Minister come here to be held accountable? We all know the answer.”

“The Iranian regime murders women, murders innocent protestors, and just yesterday another innocent Iranian, Mohammad Ghobadloo, was executed. And while innocent Iranians swing from the gallows, Minister Amir-Abdollahian will sit here and lecture us on the sanctity of human life.”

Ambassador Erdan also addressed Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who was present at the meeting, “Iranian drones are being used by Russia to kill civilians in Ukraine. Iran’s terror will reach all of you. We all know this, even Russia who collaborates with Iran.”